Como Encomendar l How to Order

How are you handling the safety measures at your hotel?

During this difficult period we are going through full of uncertainty and new regulations, we need to adapt our hotels to receive our clients in the safest environment possible in order for them to feel that they are in a safe place to spend the night at.

There are many measures to take to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus around your facilities, including more frequent cleaning and disinfection of areas more prone to touching, such as elevator buttons, door handles and counters. Another measure is to reduce number of seating around common areas as well as move seats away from each other.


As managers, you also need to protect your staff, as they need to feel safe in order to transmit safety to customers. So make sure you provide hand sanitizer as well as masks. On the topic of masks, I would like to mention the many different types. You can provide disposable masks, which need to be discarded after a single use, or you can choose to provide reusable masks. If so, opt for masks that have been tested and certified by a respected entity. At Business Masks, we offer masks that have been certified by CITEVE, an organization that is part of the Portuguese General Health Directory (DGS). If you choose to order masks with us, we provide customization so you can promote your brand while protecting your staff.


As a conclusion, make sure that you are taking enough measures to protect everyone involved in your facilities, from staff to clients. These measures will make everyone feel safer, therefore, they will further enjoy their stay.