Como Encomendar l How to Order

It is all over your customers' faces!

As managers, we must try to increase the visibility of our brand to the general public. The more the people see our brand, the more it will be engrained in their minds and the more they will remember it when they need it. Therefore, we need to find ways to advertise our brand in a non-intrusive way, so that people don't feel the burden of over-publicity. 


Most hotels provide a hygiene kit of at least a shower gel and shampoo to its clients, which are free so they can take them home and remember the trip. As the hotel gets more luxurious, the gifts to the guests start to increase. It goes from notebooks and pens, to bath robes and flip flops, umbrellas, all of them branded so that they can remember the time they spent at the hotel but also it works well for the hotels because they get publicity for the price of the item.


During this pandemic, countries are moving toward enforcing the use of masks inside closed facilities, some even on the streets. A great idea is to provide reusable custom masks with your hotel branding to the customers. This way they will be protected and your hotel will also get publicity when they use your masks during their everyday life.


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